Apps down using Microsoft

I am having multiple apps down - unable to access tables - using Microsoft. Anyone else having these issues?

I do not seem to have any issues.

Though, my phone and iPad both asked to me sign-in into my Google account when I launched an app. I don’t think I have ever seen that in the two years I have had the apps running on the devices.

On the Microsoft Onedrive side - i see all tables exactly how they were ( no issues). I am at this point DOWN across ALL apps…

I would contact However, you may be experiencing issues with other vendor systems between you and AppSheet.

Can you access other Internet sites/apps?

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yes - I can access everything fine - just not the apps. Now- i have 31 deployed apps, so i checked a couple of others. Turns out, it is ONLY the apps using Microsoft Onedrive. My other apps are working fine…?

According to a quick Internet search, it does appear that Microsoft Onedrive is down.

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OH! HAHA. Thanks!

Well, according to Microsoft status page all is ok,

I’ll try to see where the other sites I referred to are getting their information.

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So I believe the info I was directed to before was bogus - I couldn’t find a date anywhere on that page (gotta love that!)

The same company does have another page indicating no issues with OneDrive. However a person did report an issue on this site about 7 hours ago.

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Thanks for helping…

So whats is interesting is… I am now monitoring this more - and i see that the data is updating PERFECT in my microsoft tables - using Onedrive. So is the problem really Microsoft?

With this new information, likely not. Have you contacted yet?

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yes. I am just waiting to hear back. Again, thanks for the help… I just had to look at the tables/apps more closely to figure it out…

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