Apps Failing To Copy

I have attempted to copy an app per usual by selecting Copy under the drop down menu. Multiple attempts have been made with multiple apps, both with copy source data and without it.

Any advice? Is there an App limit in the free version? We are currently at 28 Applications

What happens when you try to copy? Is there an error message? Perhaps you could share a screenshot demonstrating the problem?

I’ve been getting a spinning circle of death that never finishes when I try to copy a co-authored app. Not related to this post exactly but curious if you know anything.

One of my apps just copied. Had tested it all weekend multiple times. May have been that specific app.

Usually when your copying an app you can visually see the process happen due to the loader. None of that appeared when I was doing it. You would click copy, fill it out, then click copy app. But nothing would happen.

I will report back if the issue persists. Thank you for your reply.

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I do not! This thread is the first I’ve heard of such a problem.

I figured it was just a co-author thing. It is a big app but I’ve left it at the “We’re setting up your new app” for like 10-15 minutes before and never got my new app.

I finally got an error back this time when I tried it again. Had to wait for the 16th minute not the 15th. I’ll send this to support.