Apps stopped working

I have a couple of apps I have set up. One I use nearly every day. Both have stopped working. I click on the link on my phone to open the apps and I get a blank page. At the top is a blue bar with a back arrow. At the bottom are a forward arrow and a sync symbol. The apps do not appear to open. I can sign on via on my laptop and enter my data, but I need to be able to access again from my phone. this just started happening this past week.

Experienced same issue today as well, including all characteristics described.
‘fixed’ it by uninstalling Appsheet app and re-installing it again, and runs fine afterwards.
Not what you want, but worked.

Appsheet? Looks like the apps are not starting up completely and than run to default ‘blank’ screen.

@Steve_Russell & @Jack_Borst, please contact directly about this.

I had to uninstall and reinstall to get it working.