Apps Testing is locked

I was experimenting with this platform and created an app , while i was playing with it I shared with some friends to have their suggestions. at one point the app locks and ask me a paid plan. How can I go back to test app ? If i try to start a new app it’s the same it’s still locked

Firstly read this:

And take a look at these:

Provided an app is not deployed; you can test the app up-to 10 users including yourself. Provided the number of users exceeds 10 users, you are asked to subscribe to a paid plan even the app is deployed or not. This is clearly written on top of AppSheet Pricing Page >

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thank you, so probably my mistake was to deploy the app, because i wanted to see the difference. But I dont need to deplay actually. problem is that even if i dont deploy it now all is locked and no apps are working for free.

As you have deployed the app and your subscription payment is due and you have neither noticed the email from AppSheet nor noticed the yellow exclamation mark in front of your account, your account has been locked at the end unfortunately. To solve the issue:

  • Provided you want to continue using the app in deployed state:
    • You need to initially pay the required amount of licence subscription and unlock your account
  • Provided you want to continue building the app and test it in an undeployed state with max. 10 users
    • You need to initially pay the required due payment with required licences on the required plan (mandatory to unlock your account)
    • Undeploy the app
    • Change your subscription to a free plan to prevent re-billing in the next term

When you pay your due payments, then your account will be unlocked automatically in 24-48 hrs. In addition, the only difference between a deployed app and an undeployed app is:

  • Your email workflows will only be sent to you
  • You can’t use webhook, datachange and push notifications
  • You can’t use scheduled reports

Please contact for further help with this.