AppSheet: 5 years live

The AppSheet platform first went live 5 years ago (Oct 30th, 2014). At the time, we had 5 team members (and no customers!). Today, we are fortunate to have a wonderful community of tens of thousands of customers, and a team of 50 (the photo taken today shows our Seattle team but missing some important people like @Aleksi in Finland and our small dev team in Portland). A rewarding journey to reflect on and appreciate, and a great journey ahead to look forward to. Thanks to all of you for your help, ideas, encouragement, and support.


Congratulations to Praveen and entire AppSheet team for this wonderful journey and creating this very innovative, no code AppSheet platform.

Best wishes to AppSheet team for many more achievements in future.


Major applause to this team! AppSheet is an outstanding product with an outstanding team behind it. You all create a culture of selfless service and customer consideration that’s truly unique in the current tech/business landscape


Praveen, thank you for believing in yourself and your team!! Your product has made my business better and I am very thankful. We all remain hopeful that Appsheet continues to grow and become even better. -Phillip S Fulgham

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Way to go Appsheet team! Keep the passion for your cause and your “user first” attitude. I still think it’s a huge differentiator. I work with a lot of software companies, and this team absolutely stands out as customer centric and user driven. Kudos and thanks to the entire team!


Well done and thank you for a wonderful product…when is the IPO :slight_smile:

Appsheet is amazing… Great…