AppSheet announces new funding round

Hi all,

We just announced today that AppSheet has secured a new funding round.
I wanted to share this good news with all of you and to emphasize what it means for us collectively.

AppSheet is first and foremost a customer-centric technology company. The purpose of our platform is to empower you (our customer) to create your own software solutions that drive productivity in your business. Compared to writing code, the AppSheet platform should give you orders of magnitude greater agility, feature richness, and cost savings.

A software startup like AppSheet has to navigate a challenging path from incubation to initial survival to subsequent growth. It needs to demonstrate that there is a market with a need, that it can build a product that fits the market need, that it can deliver that product to the customers in that market, and that those customers find it compelling enough to pay for the product at a price point that produces a viable business. Over 5+ years of work and with the commitment of all of our customers, we have been able to demonstrate this “product-market fit”. That is why our new investors have decided to make this new “scale-the-business” investment in our company.

For us, the goal of this investment is two-fold:

  1. Support our existing customers better. Whether it is by adding features you have asked for, or by improving the scalability, performance, stability, performance of our service, or by staffing a dedicated customer success team — all of it requires resources on our side. We can now assign the resources to address those tasks (or at least, can soon, after we grow the team).

  2. Acquire and support new customers and new customer scenarios. The more customers our platform supports and the more scenarios it supports, the better the platform becomes for everyone. This is because every feature requested by one customer also helps others, every bug fixed for one customer also is fixed for all the others, and every scenario relevant to one customer also adds to the platform intelligence for all the others.

As our team grows in size this year, we intend to fiercely maintain our customer-centric culture, and the no-code technology principles of our platform. I am excited about our opportunities to do better. I hope you will gradually see the effects of this investment in a better platform and in better customer service.

I know you have many people in our team that you can reach, but please do not hesitate to contact me directly ( at any time with your questions, feedback, or concerns.


Congratulations to the Appsheet team! Looking forward to even more success ahead. Thanks for all the innovation and hard work.


Congratulations!! I’m glad to know AppSheet is doing so well. After putting a rather large chunk of my time into developing my AppSheet app, I’m now deeply interested in the success of the platform – I want and need it to be available for many years to come. And, of course, enhancements that will come with increased funding are also something to look forward to. Native audio playing capability might be nice – hint, hint. :wink:

Here’s a GeekWire article I happened to find:

Here’s a similar article – but it doesn’t have a picture of Praveen and Brian. :disappointed:

@Kirk_Masden ---- we look so much younger in that picture, but that’s because it was taken 5 years ago. Thanks and yes, this lets us build and support many of the things we’d always wanted to add but didn’t have the resources for.