AppSheet API from React/React Native

Hi, I am new to AppSheet and I after going through some documentations, videos and some question answers here I have not figured out if it is possible to use AppSheet’s API as REST API endpoints from my React Native application.

To clarify:
I am making React Native App and I want to use AppSheet API to to CRUD operations on my Google Sheets data managed by AppSheet application via the API given by AppSheet. In other words, use AppSheet as server for my React Native application and Google Sheets as database.

Is this possible? If yes, how to get it done.


I believe it is possible but to utilize appsheet api , you need to buy business or enterprise subscriptions. You can query to

I have past experience I generated Appsheet app, but it is not actually an app, but just stands as End point to do CRUD from other exptenal service to control the data source (SQL).

I built simple web app, using VUE JS, where we read the data from the source by GET request, then did some POST request to add new date or even update or delete etc. Working perfectly.

This is another practical and easy use of Appsheet to set up API endpoint for CRUD as we dont need to write any code for the backend services.


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Thank You very much @tsuji_koichi for the reply. Is it possible to look at the sample code or similar tutorials kind of stuff?

And yes I will contact the sales team as well.

Dealing with API is basically backend stuffs, there should be no sample app, but you just examine the appsheet documents for Appsheet API which are pretty much well documented.

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Very interesting. I was thinking of doing something similar. Might I ask if you process the GET request on client or server? If server, what service or script language are you using? Currently I have a simple web app set up using Google Apps Script, but all it does is take some inputs and then do a POST to a Google Form. I’d much rather have a way for people to have indirect access to the database and be able to post to it directly.

this discussion is getting away from Appsheet wihch is No-code platform.
To deal with Appsheet API as endpoint is purely involve codings.

What I want to stress here is Appsheet is nicely providing Appsheet API to deal with ANY backend data source to which Appsheet can connect.

For developper and enginners who develops with any app (not appsheet app) can rely on Appsheet to develop their own end point (secured as well) to get data from data source, update, delete and add.

As far as I know, there are some service in the market to build a API end point for the data base without coding. But appsheet can do the same without any additional works. I never find any alternative solutions, Appsheet is only one solutoin for the time being in this regard.

Im calling this usage of Appsheet as “Appsheet as backend services”

Once we connect to any data source on appsheet by one click, then full set of API is ready. What a dream.

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