AppSheet API Limit Records in the response

@LeventK Thanks for the detailed response. We have enabled the AppSheet API and tried using them. Appreciated for your support so far.

Either we have not understood the API syntax or something wrong on the API Platform. From the Audit history “‘Action’ is missing.” is the only log i see for any API request (even for Find operation.)

My honest feedback as a developer to the API Team is to provide a working demo api explorer for developers to play with (including the START parameters using API request). It’s been a tough time just to pull the N records and still struggling to resolve.

Provided it’s possible, can I look into your app build? If you can add as a co-author to your app, I can in detail look at the audits and try to understand the issue better. I would also like to chime in @Phil as he is the AppSheet expert regarding the AppSheet API. Thanks.

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Thanks for the assistance so far.
I have now added your email as co-author of the app.

Hope we can get to the bottom it, so we can run this actions using API rather than having to use the App UI and clicking them manually.

Thanks again!
Tom (App owner/maker, business manager, not the API developer)

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@LeventK, Please confirm whether you were able to access our App

I haven’t received an email regarding the co-authorship and I’m unable to see an app under my Co-Authored Apps pane. What’s your app name?

Definitely appears that your email is added as co-author - just added again but did not change anything with the user settings displayed at the bottom. And also just sent a “reminder” as it advises user has not responded.

App name is “PaypalBankAccount-80261”

Attached is screenshot to show details.

I have found your app under my Co-Authored Apps pane. Thnx.

Hi @LevenK, Were you able to see the table structure and relationship. Does that helped?

For now, I have moved the developer to work on a solution using Browser Automation to click the Action buttons, rather than using the API. (we need some solution ASAP)

Would be great if we could solve the issue in the near future and use the API to run actions.