Appsheet API

Is Appsheet API down? I’ve been trying to hit the API, but I keep getting a 500 error, and when I check my log I don’t even see it trying to hit my app. It’s was working earlier when I was working on this, and then it just stopped hitting my appsheet app. It stopped about the same time that I reported that last bug earlier today.

Is no one else getting this error? I can’t even check my audit log to trouble shoot, it doesn’t make it that far. I’ve checked my app id, and Access Key. I’ve rebuilt the HTTP post a few times, nothing… I just keep getting a 500 error.

I really stink at appsheet… If this were elementary school, they would make me do more work during lunch to catch up to the other kids. I think it’s resolved, I just removed most of the variables in the row I was trying to add to see what would happen. It worked. Now it’s time to slowly build it back up