Appsheet app and deployment

Just trying to get a couple things straight in my head on deployment through AppSheet app vs apple store/google play white label version. I’ve tried to read as much as the documentation as possible so please correct my summary below…

Deployment through Appsheet App

  • White label version not available
  • Users must download Appsheet app to access deployed app I’ve created
  • Any updates I make to the data tables or app UX is instantly updated with users sync
  • Users do not need a google account or appsheet account to install AppSheet app and my app?
  • Pro version - active users are $10/month/app?
  • Is there a simple way to limit access to my app using a data table containing approved user email addresses?

Deployment through Apple Store/Google Play - white label version

  • apple store requires that I have a mac?
  • any updates to the app (data tables or UX) must be redeployed through both stores for the users to see? this process takes up to 24 hours?
  • Pro version - active users are $10/month/app
  • this is the only way to white label an app built with AppSheet?

I apologize for the multiple questions here. Maybe I’m just a little slow here, I just couldn’t find a document that answered all my concerns.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.