Appsheet app and twillo chatbot

There is an example how to link up between appsheet app and twillo chatbot. ( in order to call the spreadsheet data) illustrated by me as below.


Dear tommy,
I need help on how you got that chat not to work like that.

You need to use Zapier as a bridge connected between Appsheet and Twilio. You can find out the Zapier connector in appsheet>account>integration>in bound that you can use inbound channels to send data from connectors to your app. On the other hand, you can also find out the Twilio connector in appsheet>account>integration>out bound that you can use outbound channels to send messages from workflow rules to Twilio services like Twilio.

Could you tell us what you are going to achieve in more concrete…?

I use Google sheets only with appsheet. I need can customers to send order conformation via SMS as a reply

I use “report” to inform us about how many people have enjoy the meal support at both of Lunch and Dinner time. You should try to explore Behaviour>Report>SMS.

Sample video