Appsheet App Demos of Multiple Users

Dear Forum Members,

I would like to get some suggestions on which Appsheet Demos show an app that multiple users of the same app please?

For example, which of these would be a good example?

Moreover, what can show how the design principles in action the best like:

  1. Many Identical Apps
    How to make several versions of the same app that are different for each user
    (Option 2A and 2B - Tables, Slices, Views, Menus, Data retrival and writing, Behaviours, etc)

  2. Limiting Users to Their Own Data
    You can use Security Filters to control which records a user can see and update.]

  3. Shows groups of users (email addresses) like Superusers, advanced users and basic users.



@aucforum Without knowing your app requirements, I would say option #2.

I was hoping for some suggestions on demo apps that implement multiple users of the same app.

Hi @aucforum
Its a bit hard to make a demo app with security filters as you would not be able to get into it due to the security. It is something you need to build from your end.