AppSheet App to receive permission to access 3rd party GDrive account

AppSheet App to receive permission to access 3rd party GDrive account

question, how is the way to have 3rd-party to grant access to an 2nd-party operator of my AppSheet app for the 3rd-party GDrive account ?

I’m not looking for the share files function from GDrive where the operator then would receive shared files in their shared files folder.

My AppSheet app is to use access under a certain directory which is created and managed by my app.


I am not clear on what you are trying to accomplish.

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Hi Willow,
the goal is that the app is also able to work on the data on GDrive accounts of clients. In a way, that our operator clicks on that client in our app, and then be able to access the data folder that we created for the client obn their own GDrive account. Meaning the client data is hosted on the clients GDrive account while portions of it is managed by our service.

I think I understand. AppSheet does provide the concept of Private Tables. For any table where this property is on, the Table data will be stored and retrieved from the Login users account.

I am not sure if this is truly what you are after but maybe it will work in your case. You can read more about it here:

ok, after reading through,

  • it looked quite interesting in terms of one app to serve many client’s private tables.

  • but then the question still stayed in the room on how a 3rd-party user who is not the owner of the GDrive account can help the client with their office-admin … so to speak

Question, would the 3rd-party users need to use the GDrive login of the GDrive account owner (the client) then ?

Or do I need to follow another route to achieve 3rd-party access to the client’s AppSheet app usage ? In a way the 3rd-party must be able to act in behalf of the client, but limited to the appsheets folder on the client’s GDrive.