AppSheet apps are getting a material upgrade

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Localize is still not possible in Calendar View.

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I like this option with the clean color indicator, it just seems like it should match the width of the text… As you can see in this case that indicator bar doesn’t really match any of the other items, the icon nor the text. So now it just becomes a third element instead of highlighting the element



Sorry to nag, @Arthur_Rallu, but I hope that you or someone else at AppSheet will be able to give “Feature Release Notes” an easy-to-find home in this menu bar:

Personally, I think that a place in “What’s New” would be nice.


Has this grouping changes been rolled out to everyone yet? Mine are all Big and bold.

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I meant to comment the other week. I see the change, and it is a big improvement. @Arthur_Rallu, appreciate the changes.

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Hi all,

We’ll soon be rolling out some changes to the look of our forms (views of type ‘form’).

We wanted to make it more obvious to users what was expected of them in a form, so we added contrast between label and content and we added a bounded box around the field value to make it obvious when a field was empty or had a pre-filled value. We also made the form a little bit more dense to fit in more entries on a screen. This is to reduce scrolling from app users when your forms become quite long. It should not feel too crowded though.

Below are some screenshots of different forms that illustrate what they’ll look like in the future.
The first screenshot is a very simple form.
The second one is taken from a variation of one of our sample apps.
The remaining screenshots should give you a sense of how most data types will render in a form. I’ve used the data type name (e.g. LatLong) as the name of the field so that you can recognize each one easily.

Again please share your feedback with us.


I very much approve of these changes. :+1:


Approved, roll it out :stuck_out_tongue:


What will they look like in a dark theme?


dark mode is my love
dark mode is my wonderful life
dont you forget us


@Arthur_Rallu don’t forget us creatures of the night


The new UI you reported earlier on this chain of thread, like new table view, calendar and map, I have not been seeing any of those on my app until today. I m running business acount and pro, both yet seeing those changes.

Hope to see some improvement for detail view as well.

Appreciate if you could update how those changes are currently rolled out, and even quick indication of the coverage by the new UI type is appreciated.



I like the increased clarity of intent brought by the boxes around the fields.


Very nice @Arthur_Rallu thank you.

In XY column type, the LatLong values are confusing the users. They don’t really make sense.
Could you please hide them?


Same thing for the Deck view that opens up, when you click on a pin.
You can hack this with format rules, but it’s not perfect :slight_smile:


Nice… :slight_smile:


100 agree!


I’ll post with screenshots with that setting soon (hopefully in the next couple of days).
Engineers are aware of existing contrast issues with the dark theme and are working to solve these issues.


Hi @tsuji_koichi,

Right now, all these features are in multiple different rollouts.

  • all changes that’s not related to the ‘Form’ view are available to all FREE accounts, some of them have been rolled out to a fraction of non-FREE accounts. Our plan is to ramp that up again this week. If there are no issue, they should be available to everyone around next week.
  • a “form” rollout that’s at 0% of users right now.

I noticed some changes in the detail view today.

  • Section Headers are now aligned left (It was only in form view before)
  • The Column Name for Side-by-side are now aligned left