AppSheet apps are getting a material upgrade

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Looks good :heart_eyes:

That looks great ! when are we getting our hands on that? Love Parrot

oh yes send more dark mode pics :heart_eyes:

@Jonathan_S @tsuji_koichi
This is really around the corner.
We’re starting to roll this updated form view today. The rollout will reach out more and more users periodically over the next couple of weeks.


Awesome, Looking Forward to it.
The users really think Im putting a crazy amount of work into the ui into the apps right now.
You and I both know Im just sitting back, relaxing and watching the magic happen :wink: ;). haha


Just wanted to bring this back up. Had a client today complain about exactly this. He was afraid that his users would just see a long list of records instead of noticing that they were in different groups.


@morgan @macastan ^^


Agree extremely confusing. Had the same challenge looking for a new record in a table group please make the group bold or just so that it is more visible as a group header.


I don’t mind the headers but would tend to agree with the others.

It’s finally released, the Edit boxes in the form are awesome. Thank you so much.


Has there been a change to the way the background image displays in the card view? In December all grey areas behind the cards showed the background image and it looked amazing. Now this is happening on all my card views (see the image attached). I redesigned all my views to use it as my users are mostly desktop. Is this been worked on and if so any idea of when it’ll be back up and running properly? I’m going to revert back to the old views but I’ll hold off if a fix is imminent. Thanks

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Hi @Cathal_Noone Yes I saw the same change. I also would like to see the background image. This helps to easily “divide” the cards from one another.



I have noticed in the Map View for desktop that the first picture is not appearing full sized.
Why is it different from the screen shot?
My picture is a Virtual Column that retrives a pic from another table.

This was my expectation (picture is edited ok?)

I would like to suggest an option in the Map View to choose if we would like to show the detail or not together the map. If we click in the X, the detail from the map closes, but if we choose another row, the detail automatically appears.
This because in the Interactive Dashboard view, sometimes it is interesting to see just the point being highligthed in the map, without showing the details. (see edited pic bellow)

And also which pic should be the main for the detail from the map. (see edited Pic bellow)

A problem on this new Map View with the detail is that the Overlay Buttons from detail view won’t be shown.


When Can I expect this upgrade to be rolled out to my account?

This is because you have to edit the detail view for the slice “Disponiveis”.
AppSheet created it’s own detail view as you created the map view.
In this extra detail view you can set the “Main Image”.


Can you re-enable the ability to repoll the location data e.a. press the pin icon!!
=> this is a breaking issue for our work

Hey any idea when my account is getting the material upgrade?? Cant wait!. Can you force?

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You are correct, thank you very much !

Maybe the Overlay Buttons wont appearing in the detail view from Map should be considered as a feature request?

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Sorry I don’t understand what you mean. Can you post a Screenshot please?