AppSheet apps deployed from an MDM onto iOS 14.2

Hi all,

Recently we have received reports from our community that some AppSheet apps are not working when they are deployed from an MDM (Mobile Device Management) to iOS devices with versions 14.2. It does not seem to impact all users of such an app though.

This is an issue that started occurring for all applications that are written using Xamarin, not just AppSheet applications. The Xamarin team is working with Apple to resolve the issue, but that may take a while. A workaround solution has been suggested in the developer community to try to fix the issue, but it is not robust enough and actually risks breakage in other places.

What can you do?
If you have upgraded to iOS 14.2 and are facing issues, then you will need to download the AppSheet app from the App Store to have a properly running app, and not through your MDM. Please work with your MDM system administrator to allow your Appsheet app to be downloaded from the App Store.

Before this issue arose, we had already started work to move away from Xamarin. We’ll accelerate our efforts. Once we’re done upgrading our iOS app, this won’t be an issue any longer.

Thank you,
The AppSheet Team


Thanks, Arthur, do you have an ETA on this change over?

Hi Sebastian,
Apple got a fix in their iOS version 14.4 to this MDM issue. We got a couple of reports from AppSheet customers that this was now working.
So our recommendation is to upgrade iOS devices to that version.
Please let us know if the issue persists after the upgrade.


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Thanks, @Arthur_Rallu, out account manager, let us know about 14.4 and I can confirm that it is now working as expected. Thank you for taking the time to reply.