Appsheet Billing is unscrupulous

Reescalated. :frowning:


Folks apologies for the radio silence. We will take this up internally and get back.


I think its important that if you’re complaining about something, you are clear what the issue is. But most importantly you explain how you’d like the situation to be resolved.

My main point is simply that Appsheet KNOWS how many licenses we have used each month. We are happy to pay for all of them. But making us manually guess in advance how many we MIGHT need seen to be little more than a mechanism to get us to pay for more than we’ve used. Since if I reduce the number of licences to 1 less than I’ve already used I get notified within seconds.

I’d suggest you have two options that would work more fairly:

1 = Get us to sign an agreement where we pay for all licenses used. You just bill us for what we’ve used last month. This is the least hassle for you. For Devs the only issue might be where we have a 3rd party who has access the App definition and can add users. So somone could add 50 people and we might not realise until we got the invoice. Personally I’m fine with that issue.

2 = Let us set a maximum number of licenses we will pay for at say 300 in the Appsheeet account settings level. You can bill us any number up to that limit. But if it goes over, we get a warning like we do now. So I’d just set it at 1000 or so and be done with it. Whereas people who were concerned about other App Devs adding too many users could set it much lower.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: