AppSheet Biz-Model good for Testing Biz-Idea?

AppSheet is cool to put up a biz idea app relatively short.
Question is, is AppSheets biz modell good for testing the app with many user’s which not necessarily become clients ?
I mean if I have to pay per user per month, and such users are not really making use of the app and are pending / possible clients for the future, then as of now it seems I need to pay for each of such users, although not generating return with them.
If that’s the only way to go with AppSheet, then I wouldn’t be able to afford it.


Hi Frank, you can test the app for free with max 10 test users if you keep the app in prototype mode. And it goes 10 per app.

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Ok so if 1k users would sign up for the provided app then I’m in trouble when without an according budget of up to $ 5 per user per month ?

Publisher Pro apps would be a possible solution then. You lose the ability to use user sign in but if its for testing and demo purposes you would only pay 50$/month/app

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k i c, I’d need users to sign-ups and use private tables … is that the end of my AppSheet dreamz ?