AppSheet CMDB

Expand the Info / Spec / (the Semantic Network of AppSheet) with Status Information for each project object and query functionality, to allow this list, or a simplified view of it, to be used for “AppSheet Project” management.
The idea is to complement this Tab to allow it, or a view of it, to become the CMDB - Configuration Management Data Base - of the AppSheet project.

The structure of the simplified view could be something like:
Type of Object/Entry (Table/Slice/View/Issue), Table, [[Slice,] View,] [Issue,] Type of Table/Slice/View/Issue, [UI Name,] Description, Status, Date

Type of Table: Reference Descriptive, Master, Transaction, Transaction Detail, Accounting Fact, Cube Fact or Aggregate, Associative (BoM, … )
Type of Slice
Type of View: Table, Detail, Form; Calendar, Deck, Gallery, Map, Chart, Dashboard, Onboarding, Card
Use of View: Primary, Menu, Ref

Add functionality to allow users to report Issues while using the App, from any of its Views, for the View itself or its data.