404 Error

Getting 404 Error Message on
Is there anybody else experiencing the same issues?



I think this is fairly widespread

@praveen any updates? got clients & myself unable to log on…

EDIT: ok, seems like it’s working now - sorry for the worry guys

Still, getting the same 404 error here in UK.

Thanks for the heads up @Jon_S — let us know if you see any more of this

No change for me. @praveen

I am getting the error as well

Seems like there was a small outage on Google’s servers… not sure if Slack also runs on Google Cloud … but it seems there was a small outage there too. Now it’s back online. Maybe a coincidence…

EDIT: @praveen it’s back offline now

Please see Microsoft Azure Outage: affecting AppSheet

Microsoft Azure outage, we think. Will update status there

Getting in Vancouver Canada now. Earlier today it scrambled my data and changed entries in one particular column. Thankfully I noticed it and could fix it. If it had been any other column I may have not been able to retrieve the proper information and it could have been lost. Just got lucky. At that time I did not realize appsheets was having issues and I thought someone hacked my app as it is white listed so people can only log in if I allow them to. Now I am seeing intermittent 404 error when I try to log into appsheet site on my pc or a network error intermittently when I try to sync the data but even though changes may not sync when receiving the error during sync, it is holding the changes until the next time the app syncs successfully and then changes are being saved.

Also having this problem in NY.

Ditto in Edmonton, Alberta.