AppSheet Community - Standalone Chrome App

Quick tip for community regulars: if you’re using Chrome, you can ‘install’ the AppSheet Creator Community to your desktop as a Chrome app, making it easier/quicker to jump in and out of the forum:



Hi Peter

Thanks for heading us up. I create app on my laptop now.

Meantime, sorry for twisting topic a bit.

Actually this Chrome Standalone App should be based on other technology, but Chrome default feature to create short cut could bring the same sort of user experience as well.

I’m deploying bunch of app to my clients and end users. All the time, I emphasise they need to use “Chrome” rather than any other app to avoid odd behaviour of the appsheet. However, there are users who open up Appsheet app on other browser and report some error which wont happen on Chrome.
Making all the users sure to use Chrom is always challenging.

As a part of precaution and safety measure, I guide everyone who use my app to take a bit of action when they start to use apps.

Simple. Create shortcut on their desktop for Appsheet App.

This is gist and copy from Instructions I post on my apps to guide my user well.

Once they generate shortcut icon in this way, and click to launch the Appsheet on laptop/desktop browser, then App is open without any tab, but it is running on Chrome all the time.

At this moment, we have action ‘Add shortcut’ when use appsheet on mobile phone’. Maybe it is good idea to create another shortcut to generate Chrome desktop short cut as native action of Appsheet App?


I downloaded the app and tried it but have returned to my regular browser. The reason is that I sometimes like to copy the URL of a post so that I can introduce it in another post. I couldn’t see how to do that on the app.