AppSheet constantly breaks the formulas in a table

Wasted a huge amount of time to try to find a workaround. Last attempt before I drop AppSheet alltogether:

I have an excel file with two sheets, one where I fill the data (and the sheet that AppSheet is working on) and the second one where I run some calculations on it. I am using tables on the 2nd sheet.

I have a table with the following values:

and etc.

But every time after syncing with AppSheet it will change all the cells in the column back to =D2
Every time I have to open the excel file and do RESTORE CALCULATED FORMULA to put it back to how it should be (=D2, =D3…)

This happens in couple of tables. except one where it stays normal. I don’t know the reason for this. It doesn’t seem logical and looks like just a bug. AppSheet is not even syncing data to this sheet.

Is there a workaround for this or should I use another app and that’s it?


I read this stuff, but I don’t see the relation between my problem and this.
The formulas being broken on another sheet completely that has nothing to do with AppSheet.

I can’t say I have any experience using a worksheet that isn’t used as a data source for an AppSheet table but uses a worksheet that is, so I really can’t speak to your experience. All I can do is refer you to Support. You may indeed have found a bug.

I suggest converting your data source to a Google Sheet rather than an Excel file. I have a similar situation where I have one Google Sheet file with two tabs (sheets). One is synced with my AppSheet app. The other is not synced but contains formulas like your =Sheet1!D2 formula to gather data.

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Thanks, but not gonna work for me.
The purpose of my sheet with calculations is for PowerBI…