AppSheet Cost for G Suite Business Users

I’m coming here upon learning that App Maker is being replaced with AppSheets. AppSheets seems cool enough, but will it cost more?

How much will it cost G Suite Business users to deploy AppSheet apps to all users in a G Suite domain? I need the answer to be $0. Current AppSheets cost it $5-$10 per USER. Can it be confirmed that G Suite customers will not need to pay per user?

Any information regarding AppSheet cost for G Suite customers would be helpful.



Please contact for help with this.

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I contacted Appsheet support. The answer is “no for now”.

I’m not entirely sure AppSheet was ready for both the buyout from Google and Google completely depreciating AppMaker. Google doesn’t really have to deal with the fallout, so to speak.

I’ve also reached out to G Suite support. I’ll post an update when I hear back from them.

Hi Chadd and Benjamin,

Praveen Seshadri, who leads AppSheet, has seen your post and will be responding shortly.

@Chadd_Portwine , @BenBl, @Bahbus

For active App Maker G Suite customers, we are providing the AppSheet PRO plan at no extra cost for the lifetime of the G Suite membership. Also, because most AppMaker customers use Google Cloud SQL, we also provide this for free. We hope this will ease the transition from App Maker. The details are in the App Maker forum.


Ahead of a follow-on question … no this does not apply to_all_ GSuite_ customers, existing AppSheet customers, etc. We are still just a few weeks in at Google, and so there is no change to pricing and packaging. These are topics of ongoing discussion.
Just because of the AppMaker deprecation announcement, we wanted to jump in immediately to help customers who had prior AppMaker investments and need to consider a transition to AppSheet.