Appsheet crashing google when editing bot

Hi All,

Jst started editing some of the bots in my apps. Google page frequently becomes unresponsivle and crashes ONLY when editing bots. Other editing in appsheet and using all ofhter chrome pages is just fine. Any ideas?

Please contact Support for help with this.

Not while we are editing bot, but I see the app editor freezed all the sudden. It started to happen today.
Editor becomes not responsive, especially with complex app or with heavy data load.

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Even for performance logs, it is obviously not indicating the exact sync time recently.
I counted how much seconds one particular apps takes to complete sync. It was 20 secs on my watch. But performance logs are indicating less than 10 secs.
So strange.

This may be blamed for a glitch which potentialy happenig to AppSheet server side.

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Attn @Dan_Bahir @Zhifeng_Lin

Performance logs recently, not telling us a clue why and where the sync time is spending time to troble shoot…
Less indicative than before.