Appsheet deck view Nested table actions

I am working on an app to record jobs (Jobs Table), assign them to daily teams (Assignments table) and record time and materials used. The most functional top level displays are to have:

  1. A Jobs list that displays just the jobs. Got it working perfectly.
  2. A Jobs list (same as above) but also displays the Related Assignments for each job.
    For this I am using a Deck view, including a Nested Table that points to the Related Assignments.
    The Display is perfect but when I click on any of the Related Assignments in the nested part of the form it takes me to the Jobs Edit form instead of the Assignment Edit form. How can I change the behaviour so that it displays the selected Assignment so I can edit it?
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Hi, I’m not sure how this user community works. I’ve had no comment to this question so I am not sure if that means this is an issue that can’t be fixed or if my question is so ‘dumb’ that no one can be bothered answered. Can I presume on someone to offer some sort of reply? Sorry if it’s a dumb question but it’s odd to have to click on the same selection on two screens to get to where I need.

Hi @Griff
Check out “On Row Selection” for your view. You may be able to change it there.

Thanks Lynn, I have decided to opt for a different solution. Not sure if this is a bug in Appsheet or with me but I have found an alternative that works for me.

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