AppSheet discussion on SheetCon2020

Currently there is a live SheetCon2020 for Google Sheet, AppSheet was presented by one of the presenters as the selection for no-code platform and she created demo apps and got many good comments. SheetCon2020 is live for 2 days.

Is there anyone here joining the SheetCon2020?

I ve never heard, meaning no plan to attend. Not sure if video for each session will be posted elsewehere like youtube.

None of speaker who should have connection to Appsheet… as I ve never heard.

I did join the SheetCon2020 and they are having discussion about Apps Script, AppMaker, AppSheet, integration AppSheet with others, stuff like that. Last night were about 3000 people.

It is an open and free conferences. I wish someone from AppSheet were presenting about AppSheet since it seems that the presenter is an ex-AppMaker who just learn AppSheet. Even that, she got many WAW … and many want to try AppSheet.


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I m registering CloudNext2020, which will be hosted on webinar basis I understand.

Usual good names, Peter, Santiago and Tony should present themselves as speaker! as far as I searched the session, which returned like this.

@Peter @Santiago @tony you guys cant hide yourselves. :smiley:

@tsuji_koichi, the link to sheetscon 2020 is here:

For me (and you), the timing of Sheetscon will be night time.

For the cloud next, it is a different confrence that will held later. I am sure AppSheet team will be present there.

I have a screen shot of AppSheet presentation for day#1 of the conference, I am trying to paste it here, Let see if it can be attached.

AppSheet on SheetCon20.mp4