AppSheet DNS problem: Cloudflare outage RESOLVED

FYI, we just got reports of a DNS issue ( urls are not resolving to IP addresses) and we are investigating. Will update asap with any updates.

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Cloudflare (our internet gateway service) is down, and along with it, many services across the internet. Will keep you posted as we know more.

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We believe the issue has been resolved and Cloudflare is back up (and therefore so is AppSheet). Sometime soon, we should be moving to Google’s internet gateway and will not have this dependency on Cloudflare.


Hi @praveen,
First we thought the circular definition error was related to this.

Basically, AppSheet start showing circular definition errors on the app formula / initial values that were working previously.

It’s a serious bug since that can break any app we have.


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I have 2 Apps same problem.
All other Apps working.

This circular definition error isn’t resolved yet.