AppSheet does not "prepare" from Google Forms

Hello All, I am trying to get myself familiar with AS but I always come to the same issue.
Situation: I set up a Google Form… nothing really complicated. Couple of sections, each section has aprox 4 questions. Each question has a multiple choice answer method. Others with text input. One with a drop down menu. That’s it.
I created a new spreadsheet (from scratch) through the GForm responses section as always
Completed 3 lines of responses through the Form
I did not set up the Form as a quiz
When I launch AppSheet and click on “prepare” it always comes up with:

You’ll need to re-create the response spreadsheet
AppSheet needs the column order in the sheet to match the question order, but these can get out of sync if you restructure your form.
Please re-create the response sheet, then click on “Prepare” again. (You may need to disable the “Make this a quiz” option first)

It never works. Not even if I recreate the sheet over and over again from scratch.
Any idea?


thx! will ask.

does anyone answer these serious questions?