Appsheet Edit API call fails despite row key existing

Hi there, i have a slice named “Billed Work Orders” which contain items that have a [Billed Status] value of either “Not Billed” , “Billed” or “Archived”. My report runs on the 1st of each month & if an entry has a Billed status of “Billed” an API call should be made to change its status to “Archived”.

Right now, that table only has one entry with a “Billed” status and a row key of “5af32c0b”. The issue is that the report log, shows that the API Call fails because of :

“Error: “Row having key ‘5af32c0b’ not found.””

Any ideas on why i’m getting this error since the key actually exists in the table?

Hi @Stelios_Papamichail,

Could you post a screenshot of your report settings, and copy/paste the JSON body here please?

Do you have any valid_if, reset_on_edit, required_if etc. expression for this [Billed Status] column?

Only a show_if expression. Nothing else

Sure thing. Here’s the JSON :

   "Action": "Edit",
   "Properties": {
      "Locale": "en-AU",
      "Location": X, Y",
      "Timezone": "Pacific Standard Time",
      "RunAsUserEmail": "email"
   "Rows": [
         "WO_MASTER_UID": "<<[WO_MASTER_UID]>>",
         "JobName": "<<[JobName]>>",
         "WO Date": "<<[WO Date]>>",
         "CLIENT_UID": "<<[CLIENT_UID]>>",
         "CLIENT_POOL_UID": "<<[CLIENT_POOL_UID]>>",
         "Describe the problem": "<<[Describe the problem]>>",
         "WO_ACTION_LIST": "<<[WO_ACTION_LIST]>>",
         "Repair Filled By": "<<[Repair Filled By]>>",
         "Repair Req. By": "<<[Repair Req. By]>>",
         "Billed Status": "Archived",
         "LastEditBy": "<<[LastEditBy]>>",
         "LastEditDate": "<<[LastEditDate]>>",
         "CreatedBy": "<<[CreatedBy]>>",
         "CreatedDate": "<<[CreatedDate]>>"

and here’s the screenshot of the report settings:

It may not be related to your problem, but the X,Y and Email should both be valid LatLong/Email values.

You can hard-code it with a string, or use HERE(), USEREMAIL(), but the result should be valid for the data type.

Is your Key-Column a Text-Type Column?

If it’s a Number, remove the quotes on the value.

     "WO_MASTER_UID": "<<[WO_MASTER_UID]>>",

Another thought:

If you’re using security filters on this table, then it could be the ‘email’ in Properties that’s preventing access.

Try hard-coding with the admin’s email, or set the report to bypass security filters.
Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 9.37.09 AM

“Action”: “Edit”,
“Properties”: {
“Locale”: “en-AU”,
“Location”: “X, Y”, // you have forgotten a quote at the beginning
“Timezone”: “Pacific Standard Time”,
“RunAsUserEmail”: “email”

I simply replaced the email and lat long with dummy values for the sake of sharing the info here. They do actually have valid values.

As for the key-column, it is a text type.

I’ll try enabling the security option.

Update: Bypass Security filter option didn’t solve it. The 404 still occurs.

Hi again, i still haven’t figured it out. I also tried using a webhook to a URL of the recommended format{appId}/tables/WO_MASTER/Edit but no luck either. Do you happen to have any other ideas?

The endpoint should end with /tables/{tableName} <-- No /Edit at the end

The ACTION you want to perform (Add/Edit/Delete/Custom_Action_Name) goes in the webhook BODY, not the URL.
Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 8.15.10 AM

Authentication may be added to the URL or header.

Here are a few things to try:

  • Focus on authentication first. Check the logs to see why the webhook failed.
  • Try sending webhooks from Postman or Insomnia to verify correct URL formatting and see logs quicker.
  • Test JSON body is valid.
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