AppSheet Events Add-On Enhancements

We are really excite to announce the enhanced version of the AppSheet Events Add-On. This add-on is required if you wants bots to trigger when manual updates are made to Google Sheets. The enhanced version of this add-on provides:

  • Productivity improvements to turn events on/off - Simple toggle controls
  • Improved Security - Leverages OpenID token and removes the need manage/maintain per app API key.

The help article has been updated with new instructions.


This only works still with a manual data entering, when would it work when data is added through another app(appsheet app or other apps)?

Currently bots in a given AppSheet app can trigger based on the following conditions:

  1. Manual data entry on a Sheet that is referenced as a table in that app (requires the events add-on as mentioned above)
  2. Data changes made in the same AppSheet App (eg: edit a record in the table connected to the Sheet)
  3. Invoke the AppSheet API - this can be done by invoking the API in the other AppSheet app using the webhook task or any other non-AppSheet app can also invoke the AppSheet API.

Hope this helps.

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I want to clarify this statement. Does this really refer to a person changing the sheet. Or does “Manual” refer to any changes made to the sheet other than by the AppSheet app?


My understanding is “manual” means “human-made by direct interaction”. “Interactive” might be another way to say it.

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I thought it would solve my problem, but I’m afraid it didn’t. There is a Google Form whose responses go to the appheet-bound Table. I added the ApSheet Event addon to the sheet, selected the affected table, and set up a simple “update or add” automation so that if a new line comes into the table, write “processed” at the end of the line. However, automation still runs only manually from the test window. Didn’t triggered if I add a new row (via Form or manually) or update a value (manually).

The External Eventing extension does NOT work with Google Forms.

Ok, but if I add values manually, It still doesn’t work.