AppSheet for Agriculture

I am starting to work on an AppSheet specifically for the agricultural field, any recommendations, tips or ideas that might be helpful ? Also, if you are interested by any means in working on such project, kindly contact me.

Hi @Abdelfattah_Wahid
What type of Agriculture are you working in?
I have experience in many aspects including plants, animals, machinery, food processing, quality control, laboratory management. If you have any specific questions regarding your app feel free to post in the questions category.


Hello Lynn,
The project is mainly concerning agriculture, I would like to upload a farm map including crops found on the farm, as well as setting a plan with reports of details such as irrigation, fertilization and spraying pesticides.

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Hey @Abdelfattah_Wahid I have apps that do all that and are connected to an MS Access DB. Message @

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AppSheet or what?



Hi @Abdelfattah_Wahid

Sounds like an interesting project.
Follow the topics in the map tag and you may find inspiration for your app.

I think AppSheet is a platform that can enhance field work.


Can you show me a demo ?