Appsheet for employee performance

How can I use Appsheet to create Employee performance review? Pls give support on this.

Hi and welcome to AppSheet. Your question is a very open-ended question. The way in which employee reviews are performed can vary wildly from business to business.

If you are wondering if it can be done, the answer to that question is YES!

How it can be done depends on your needs. You’ll get better responses if you can provide more information about what it is you are envisioning.


Thanks for your response, can you please give samples of employee appraisal you have?

Based on this, I will know the one I need for the tasks.


Sorry, just now seeing your response. FYI, you normally want to use the Reply buttons within the comments so other posters are notified of your reply.

Unfortunately, I do not have any sample employee performance review apps nor do I know of any I could direct you to.

You might just be blazing the trail for this kind of app!!