AppSheet hangs at startup

We currently have one use experiencing this issue.

Initially the user had an iPhone 6 running iOS 11. Due to an unknown issue, the device would not update to the latest OS.

When opening the app it would hang indefinitely, in excess of 20 minutes. After trying multiple possible solutions, the problem was attributed to the outdated OS and the user was upgraded to a new device.

Now the user has an iPhone XR which was running iOS 14. Initially AppSheet loaded as expected, no problem. Now the user’s device has updated to the latest iOS 14.2 and we’re back to square one.

AppSheet hangs indefinitely, in excess of 20 minutes.
We have uninstalled & reinstalled the app while power cycling the device in between.

I emailed support when the issue first became apparent and have received one response that the issue was being investigated and have not heard back since then.


I’ve escalated this internally.

Neither of these seems like it should be an OS issue.

I’m having the same lagging problem not in excess of 20 min but an annoying lag.

Please contact for help with this.

We now have three iOS devices exhibiting this behavior with virtually no response from support.

Escalated (again).

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I initially opened this issue with support on October 29th. Since this issue began, I have sent numerous emails to support and have received only a few responses. As others have posted, the typical response seems to be ‘getting with the engineers.’

While we just recently increased our AppSheet licenses, this lack of response has us looking for other options before our annual subscription renewal…

We get it, we’re a tiny drop in the bucket. A response that the ‘engineers’ do not currently have a solution to the issue or know the cause is would be a much better customer service than virtual silence.

@Rob_Just, @mandar, @praveen

Hi Michael, the lack of response is unreasonable and I apologize. It is part of our overall support responsiveness that we absolutely need to address.

However, the team has been working on the problem and this has been particularly thorny.

This post addresses our best understanding and advice in the moment … .AppSheet apps deployed from an MDM onto iOS 14.2

We believe there are three layers of dependency: (a) iOS 14.2, (b) apps that are built using Xamarin which is an underlying software layer that we happen to use, © apps that are distributed to devices via a MDM (device management system)

The root cause of the problem is a fix in iOS 14.2 that interacts negatively with Xamarin and this is something that the Xamarin team is trying to work with Apple to fix. For our part, we are in the process of rewriting our iOS app to elimiinate the use of Xamarin but that is a multi-month undertaking.

So we are in a sticky situation here and the choices provided in that link are limited.