AppSheet has fallen off the Forrester Report

Folks. Our company has 30 apps. Why has AppSheet fallen off the Forrester report? Can you address this? Strategy going forward.

That is hard to believe. Can you please provide the source?

Hi @Matt_H not to worry, we’re a leader in two current Forrester reports … one on platforms for mobile app development by business users and one for low-code & no-code app platforms for business users. See

Perhaps you looked at some other market category?


I thought I had stumbled on Forrester’s 2020 report for Application Development and Deployment in Low-Code platforms but had seen a different report. Sorry for the panic. Our company has invested in 25 AppSheet apps eliminating 1000’s of sheets of paper and useless handwriting. Now we have dashboards and searchable databases. Essentially AppSheet is now the new norm for our legacy processes. Sometimes it is good to ping your “partner” on the health of their enterprise. OK, back to work. Matt


Thank you for your post. I’ve never heard of the Forrester report, but am now glad to see Appsheet on it.