AppSheet has NO Commercial Value

If I want to create a commercially available app/site where people can create accounts on the app/site and then see data/database records specific to them… AppSheet can’t do it in a commercially viable sense, because each user then has to pay $5 per month for the privilege of simply being a member of the app. Appsheet has ZERO commercial value.

You will need to put in grease for duplicating the apps as well as the database if you are wanting to sell it to people. If you can do that, sell it as a service rather than a product (because each use case will need some tweaking anyway), then there’s commercial value.

And yes, somehow $5 and the making charge seems prefreable than shelling out thousands of bucks in getting something developed from a fully fledged platform.

What you are asking is commercialising the app that you will make using appsheet. I’m sorry friend, the thing that is commercialised here is Appsheet itself, as a platform.

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…then you should choose a platform other than Appsheet, because this is not at all what Appsheet is geared for.