Appsheet have not a calendar but for my App i...

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Appsheet have not a calendar but for my App i have created a gallery with data. In a spreadsheet i have for the first row today(), In the second row today () + 1 in the third today () + 2 and so on up to 30 days. I would like to know if it is possible to have the gallery show all the dates but to open only the photo where on that day there were appointments If there are no events instead of appointments, then the image should not be opened Ideas?

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Have a single action set to on row select for the gallery… That navigates to that detail view… But under the conditions of the action only run it if your conditions are met. So the action will fail and the record won’t be opened it the conditions aren’t met. It should work.

Also, I really appreciate that in this post you kept most of your frustrations out of it.

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Ok, let’s see if I understand. In the calendar worksheet I have an image that changes if there are events on that day. The function says, filters from the worksheet all the dates = to the date in the row of the calendar worksheet Count and If the result is more than one the image is block1.png if it is 0 the image is http://block2.png.At this point the date in the event worksheet is in reference to the calendar worksheet. The details gallery shows the reference of the date. Now if I create an action that filters only the dates Who populate the field count and refer to the view of that slice should open only those that respect the condi

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@Cubyl yes, it looks like you already have a good structure there… Just work off the conditions your already have to change the image… And basically the action will fire, and then fail, and nothing will happen. Or if there is information, it’ll open up the record

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Of course I know, in fact I will have to use the worksheet start that has only one fixed line.For this reason I will use a row and two columns. One with the image of the appointments set and one for the image of the days without an appointment Then I connect them with the if statement

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I am bound to the fact that there is no header in the view gallery. The function would be enough, use the day of the month

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So. Result. The calendar it’s so. One column photo random. One column data ref with appointment that it’s populated untill the last data of appointment with formula Count. If 0 null. The data change untill the end data of the appointment. If the start data is > today show data, if data is < today, show today. The spreadsheet deleted by trigger appointment with end data it’s < today. Then i have a action for execute a action by set row . View ref [data] then all function good. Calendar for the next 30 days from today.

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Something like this

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Something like this

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@Cubyl that’s cool!