Appsheet Image link and Camera image details

Currently when Appsheet stores an image it stores a link to the image in the Appsheet data source directory. This image may be stored in various resolutions but when doing large audits one must use either the low or medium option to save data on say an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Normally the photos on the device itself are high to very high resolution so Appsheet down-samples which is fine.

Unfortunately Appsheet creates no link to or with the Image stored on the device so there is no relationship between the two.

In many instances one needs to view the higher resolution device image to see or get more detail.

Thus it would be great if Appsheet could store and create a link to the Appsheet image and also store the device image reference. Thus if one needs to utilise the device image which is higher resolution to compare or obtain more detailed information then the device image may be easily and readily located.

This would require 2 columns, one to store the Appsheet Image link and the second the device image reference. These are normally very different so storing Image link and Image source would be great.

Normally the Appsheet low res details are insufficient but which are available for the device image with higher resolution.

For example all device images for any audit are uploaded to say iCloud or Dropbox which may be done at end of day when high speed internet is available. Thus one has high res copy which may be used / linked to low res Appsheet image.

This is a very practical and useful feature to have and would be quite simple to add.

If you want a linkt to your image, you could add a virtual column (URL) with a formula like…

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Hi Alexi,

I think you misunderstand what I mean.

When using say the iPhone or iPad any photo taken using Appsheet has different image reference or url for the IPhone / iPad and Appsheet.

So App sheet may assign a url TCLM_Images/2300.Image2.081407.jpg

but the very same photo on the iPad is IMG_1176.JPG

So the issue is that the Appsheet image reference/url and the iPad image reference bear no relation to one another.

In the Appsheet reference (url) Images is the Appsheet global Image directory, 2300 is the Appsheet Primary key one assigns and Image2 the Appsheet column reference but 018407.jpg appears to be self assigned by Appsheet and bears no relation or reference to the actual photo on the IPad which is IMG_1176.jpg

So what I am requesting is that Appsheet either use the iPad number so that one may correlate the 2 or alternatively allow a second column to be added in which its stores the iPad Image url IMG_1176.jpg in the same row. This may be even optional for any user who does not need this.

Hence any user may now know what photo on the iPad is linked to which Image in Appsheet.
The actual mechanics make no difference so long as one may correlate the Appsheet Image with the iPad image.