Appsheet Indonesia - Celebrating 1 year Joining Community

It was Last month - a year since I joined this community and I have learned a lots.
Appsheet has opened the door for me to a new level and I am planning to spread it out in my country which is Indonesia. I’ve declared our team as Citizen Developer Indonesia and we are planning to share a full-free-functional Appsheet apps in Indonesian language.

There are only few post I made since last month, but I am planning to slowly-slowly fill the site with - mostly - Appsheet. As this website is just launched last month.

Here is my site: Appsheet Indonesia

To translate the above: “Berbagi Aplikasi” is Sharing Apps.
Some pages are still in English but most the page will be in Bahasa. I made it so that it attract people to consider more of what Citizen developer can do. Please visit my site and look around the home page and some other where I put useless-distracting-animations just for my own satisfaction.

Considering the nature conditions in my area where it seems that not many people know Appsheet capabilities, I see that this will be a long journey ahead.

In addition, on about this time, Community will also have celebration of its 2nd years in this forum and I am planning to still be here next year for the cake. @JCadence, @praveen .


Congratulations! I’ve certainly noticed your participation here in the community and have been impressed with your growth! Well done!


Congratulations and all the best for your future endeavors.


Thanks @Steve, @Lynn I will surely also tag this post to other Indonesian people in this forum, seems not many but I hope it will grow :pray:

And in addition, I’ve just shared an app about cat in bahasa, for learning about tables and view.


Congrats and best wishes @Heru ! Impressive website.

I totally echo what our senior community guide @Steve has mentioned. Sorry for the late response, as for some reason I missed this post thread earlier.


Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar thanks, I am glad you like it as I’ve made the website by my self using a no-code tools.


Mas heru herlambang… Salam knal

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