AppSheet insists on generating virtual column after deletion of these

So, I have a few tables that each contain a reference to a central table. Naturally, AppSheet then generates a virtual column in the central table with a reference to the rows in these distributed tables, but what if I don’t want these virtual columns?

I am able to delete them, but as I save and it reloads the app, it generates them again. The extra odd thing is, that I already have some virtual columns that are equal to the ones Appsheet tries to generate, except the name of the column itself is not exactly the same.

I could of course just toggle “Show?” off, but it feels like I’m wasting resources/sync time and cluttering the column view more than necessary. Any ideas?

Here is an example. I’ve highlighted the columns that are identical (except for the name). Interestingly enough it also only does it for 2 of the 5 tables that contain a reference to this table.

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There are some tricks you can use to avoid them, but AppSheet really wants them there. Really best to just get used to them.

Note that you can adjust their configurations some. There is a minimum amount of the original config that must occur, else the app editor will recreate it again, but beneath that threshold, you can make changes. For instance, I routinely rename the columns by removing Related .


I see. Best option is probably just to hide them then

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I have hidden them but I see in the Performance Details that it it taking 25 secs to to retrieve/query related column which I don’t really need :frowning_face:

You have to really delve further down into it. Automatically created REF_ROWS related columns usually have next to no impact on sync times. Chances are more likely that something else is slowing it down and the related columns are getting blamed because they’re waiting to finish calculating.

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