Appsheet irresponsive towards multiple "corporate plan" emails for over a month

Been trying to reach Appsheet’s sales team since weeks, in order to get our company a corporate plan.
But there have been barely any solid responses from their team in order to help with a corporate plan and give a quote. Very simple task, yet highly unprofessional way to go about it Appsheet.

I’ve escalated this internally.

Hi Pankaj,

Apologies for the delayed response! I’ve just sent you an email, hope to connect with you soon.


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They still haven’t gotten back to me with a quotation.

Hi, can someone from the team pls reply regarding a quotation? Its been very long already (1 month since I initially contacted)


Hi @PankajK , I apologize for the delays. I have checked the communication threads on this matter. On Monday, I will have a chance to talk with @William to learn if there is anything else holding up the quote. And we will get back to you by EOD Monday PST.

This delay is unacceptably long and isn’t our normal mode of operation. I’m sorry. Things should normally proceed without delays. But for the future, please feel free to include on any communication that you want to escalate to me. As the former CEO of AppSheet and currently senior engineer continuing to work on AppSheet at Google, I may be able to expedite things that are blocked.

@Daisy_dePaulis FYI.


@PankajK I believe William has responded to you and we’re moving forward with your questions. Please LMK if you haven’t received that, as it may indicate email ending up in a spam folder.

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Hey Praveen,

Yes William replied regarding a quote, Im just passing it along to upper management so we can decide which plan to go for.
Thanks for the assistance!

Pankaj Solanki