AppSheet not recognizing new columns in AirTable

I have added some new columns to our AirTable, but AppSheet is not recognizing them. I have made sure to put some values in the columns (I put 5 in each) so that they were not empty. I also made 5 dummy rows that have a values in each column… AppSheet is just not recognizing the columns, no matter how many times I “regenerate the structure”!

If you view the table source, does the same spreadsheet–with the extra columns and rows–come up?

If so, please contact directly for help.

I ended up having to add a lot more values to the new columns for appsheet to detect them. I think the issue might be that appsheet looks at the first row of an airtable to detect the columns, so you need values in the first row. However, it looks like that the first row, in the appsheet view of the data, is not the first row in the airtable view, which makes me wonder if the firs trow loaded by appsheet is not the first row, as seen in airtable.

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