Appsheet not Saving values, if click on SAVE button too quickly after making a change

(Tom Graham) #1

Having odd issue today, where values are not saving when we click save. I have tested and found that this happens due to there being another field with ‘Show If’ formula, and if we don’t wait for that field to process the change then it just not save the value.

Video to explain:

We only noticed this happening today.

staff had issue in another App, and this one does not have any “show if” field. It appears, appsheet is simply failing to save the data, if we click Save in under ~1 second after making the last change to the field with the value change.

Video: - Appsheet Issue - Video2.mp4

It’s like there is some delay saving the changes into memory, resulting in the data not saving…

Anyone else having these issues?

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(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Thanks for this. I will ask our developers to check what could be the reason for this.

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Thanks for reporting the problem, we just released an update that should help. You can get the update by completing a sync and then closing and relaunching the app (or refresh the page if running in browser).

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