AppSheet Office Hours S1E5 - January 18, 2018...

(Madeline Clarke [AppSheet]) #1

AppSheet Office Hours S1E5 - January 18, 2018

We held another episode of AppSheet Office Hours last Thursday. Here are the questions that we covered:

What are your own big plans for AppSheet in 2018? | 2:50

I have a B2C app - is there a plan that will allow me to add customers in an automated process…some way of authenticating and provisioning users? | 8:07

As data and analytics become more prevalent, do you have plans to add more variations of analytics and charts? | 11:56

Will you be developing the option for adding audio clips as an input? | 16:00

Is there any timeline for when a calendar view might be functional or for some sort of show integration of something like a Google Calendar? | 17:00

Could it be possible to show polygon arrays (based on latlong

coordinates) in a map? | 18:09

Is it possible to create an app that can calculate distances between

two addresses in Google Maps? | 19:20

Are there any variables in AppSheet and can you take a value from a

field in a row, assign it to a variable, and use it later in a different or

a new row? | 21:40

Is there a way to use the same report to email each building manager the specific work orders just for their building that were entered into the system the previous day? | 23:45

Is this app available for people to just copy and get? (followup) | 32:57

Is it possible to send an extract of the Excel sheet itself, maybe as an

attachment or maybe just a table inside of the report? (followup) | 37:34

Alternatively, could you just create separate reports for each manager and use a filter? (followup) | 40:09

When is AppSheet going to gain the ability to add rows to other tables as part of some sort of scheduled action? | 42:36

Why isn’t this app posting my questions? | 45:20

Is there any functionality in AppSheet to calculate the area enclosed in latlong coordinates? | 47:55

Do you have any plans to allow us to edit data in table views (like you

would in Google Sheets)? | 49:26

Can I integrate a Sheet by Google data base and sheet by Smartsheet

in the same app? | 50:53

I would like to create one app that can be used multiple times for

different data sets based on the user’s choice (i.e. list gold courses in

  1. the UK, 2) the US, etc). Where would I find the instructions on how to do this? | 51:49

Can you please elaborate on the "modular design’ as part of your 2018 plans? | 56:02

(Stephen Mattison) #2


(New girl?)

Great list, and THANKS for the timing breakdown, very helpful!

(Tony Fader) #3

@Stephen_Mattison The AppSheet team is made up of adults, so I’m sure you meant to say “woman” instead :slight_smile:

But I agree, Office Hours have been great so far. I encourage everyone in the community to ask any questions they have about AppSheet and we’ll answer them Live! It’s a lot of fun, and we do them every week.

If you can’t make it, we post videos and links to particular questions, just like Madeline did here.

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