Appsheet platform and HIPAA Compliance (PHI)

I noticed in the COVID-19 section the notice: “UPDATE: AppSheet only supports non-PHI use cases at this time”? Has there been any update on intentions to deal with HIPAA requirements? as a platform? Can get BAA for Sheets, but wondering about the Appsheet platform. Anyone know?

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If you’ve got an enterprise account, you can get a BAA.

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Ah… good to know! (that text description on the community post must be outdated then. :+1:

Given that not everyone has an enterprise account and can request a BAA, we’ve been advised to leave the statement as is.


Thanks @JCadence. Understood. Just might have been better to note that distinction (can do with enterprise account) as it may give people the wrong impression - that’s it’s not possible at all. Glad to know the enterprise option is there.