Appsheet pricing and deployment

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I’d like to deploy my app and it includes user sign-in. My question is about the pricing. If i’m in the Pro plan, this page says that it’s 10$/ active user/ per month. Does it mean that if i deploy my app for example in play store, each person who sign in with his email will be counted as an “active user”? So if 10 persons sign-in i have to pay 100$/month?

Or “active user” means the person who can access to the data as administrator, i.e only me?

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Active User means each distinct email address accessing the app and logging in.

That’s correct. However, pay attention to this: AppSheet allows each white-listed user to install and use the app up-to 5 (five) different devices including the mobile and desktop browser. So if any user installs and runs the app on a 6th device, it will be counted as an additional licence.


okay. thank you LeventK.

And… if you as an app owner don’t use the app with the mobile device using the Appsheet app or with the full screen mode with the browser, you are not counted as a user. Same rule goes with the co-authored users.


I belive it shall be “you are counted as a user…”, right?

No, if you don’t use Appsheet app or the full screen with the Browser, you are treated as an app creator and you don’t need license.


My mis-reading Master…sorry…you’re right

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Thank you @Aleksi