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If appsheet determines what is an active user by how and when they login, then why do I need to actively go into my account and purchase a number of licenses? Why doesn’t appsheet just charge me for the number of users I have given access to my app to?

Obviously I don’t want to buy 10 licenses and only have 3 of them used. Do I keep going into the billing section and add another licenses everytime I give access to a new user?



You gotta choose in case your app gets shared out of your control and AppSheet determines you had 100 users.


Hi @Phil_Waite,

This is a question/request that has come up since the start of our service. One large reason why we don’t auto-charge for reported usage is exactly as @Bahbus cites. Additionally, machines can’t always make the right assumptions, so, to prevent unnecessary charges, we give more of that power back to the app creator/owner. This also means, that should you have a billing concerns you can always ping for help.

Hope this helps.



Do I keep going into the billing section and add another license everytime I give access to a new user? If I purchase 10 licenses am I charged for them even if they are not all used? What happens if I add one more user than I have licenses and would it let me?

On one hand it appears that I have to buy a certain number of licenses and on the other I’m charged per user - this is according to the appsheet literature. Which is it?



Probably the most important concept, pertaining to billing, is understanding the difference between a user and an active user. Adding someone to an app’s whitelist (a way to share an app) does NOT mean you need to have an applicable license for them [yet]; only once a user launches/syncs an app, are they counted as an active user–this is when they need license coverage. So, keep that in mind, if you have a whitelist with 20 folks, but with your best estimates, only around 15 will be using the app, you only need 15 licenses (until the 16th user comes around). :slight_smile:

Next question–if you subscribe to 10 licenses, and you end up with only 9 users, you will still be billed for the number of licenses you have selected to subscribe to, in this case 10 [on your monthly or annual renewal date]. If you end up with the inverse situation, and have 11 users on a 10 license subscription, the system will automatically alert you to upgrade the number of licenses subscribed to. << This is why I wouldn’t necessarily suggest going and upping your license count EVERY time you add a new user to your whitelist, as the system will kindly ping you when you do need to upgrade (and it’s prorated).

Doest this help clear up the confusion?


Hi Ryan,

Thank you. That makes it a lot clearer. I think the pricing section on appsheet needs to reflect the content of your reply as it’s not very clear unless I’ve missed something.

I understand now though.

Many thanks


Solid feedback–appreciate it, and will share with the team.

Let us know if you have other questions around plans or billing. My team is always available at to assist.


Thanks Ryan,

It’s much clearer.

Thank you


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For anyone reading this post, there’s one issue you need to be aware of: If you collaborate with other users during development, you will need to stop collaborating 30 days before deploying the app, or you will need to pay for a subscription for those collaborators.

I developed a series of apps with my personal account.
To make it easier to manage I opened an account (now up to 13 users on the Pro plan) and collaborated during development.
I then opened another account to develop an app that needed a Premium plan for management funcitons and collaborated with my personal and user accounts.
When the app was ready to deploy I had to pay 3 licenses on the Premium account because I had collaborated during development with the other two accounts.

So beware - collaborating during development affects you for 30 days after deployment.

Just a side note… while your co-authored users are working with the app through the editor, we are not counting them as users IF they don’t use the app with the Appsheet app from mobile or Full screen mode with the browser.


Good to know. Thanks

We are thinking of moving our catalog to this app instead of maintaining our catalog on a spreadsheet and sending PDF’s to our clients.
We have about 200 customers, some might look at the catalog once a month, others might look at it once a year.
If we have 2 admins in our organization who are editing the app, and 200 customers who are viewing the app, does that mean we need to purchase 202 licenses? Seems like a lot of money for a very basic deployment
Do I understand correctly?

I don’t have experience but I think the native apps are 50$ per month (publisher plan) , you can share link to apk or publish them in stores

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