Appsheet pulls Notes from Google Sheets header

I added a note to a Google Sheet header that I was using for a column in my app. Instead of pulling just the column name (Price) it pulled the whole note paragraph meant as a reminder to myself. Not ideal or intentional, I imagine.

That is by deign. See topic " Regenerating apps build from a Google Forms" in this article

The Google Sheet plugin puts notes in the Google Sheets header cells to relay information to AppSheet about the type and contents of the worksheet columns.


dang. I guess it was pretty arrogant of my to assume that a feature I didnt understand was a bug. Definitely time to go to bed. Thanks for the help

It is a feature, but a very obscure one.We needed a way to transmit information from the Google Sheets plug-in to AppSheet when doing type inference when creating the AppSheet app. Using the comments to do that is a bit kludgy but it was the best mechanism we could devise.

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UX>Views has a “Documentation” section; a Documentation section in Data>Tables populated with column notes would work.

I guess it depends on how different users apply notes in their spreadsheet though.