AppSheet replacing spreadsheet formulas

Seems to be about once a week or so, all (4) of my spreadsheet formulas are replaced with incorrect cell references. I’m guessing that Excel then replaces the formula for those entire columns.

So I’ll go to my spreadsheet, correct the formulas, then regenerate the structure in AppSheet.

Any thoughts?

Don’t use spreadsheet formulas? Seriously.

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So I report something seemingly not working properly with your product and the answer is don’t use it.

Thank you for your help.

You do have a point.

AppSheet is designed to work as best as it can with spreadsheet formulas. It isn’t its primary purpose and there are some formulas that just don’t make sense for use with AppSheet. Below are a couple articles that may help.

Having said that, I agree with @Steve. If you are building new data and a new app, I would advise to avoid using sheet formulas. They are not needed, There are circumstances, however, when a sheet has existed for some time and is in heavy use that the inclusion of formulas can’t be avoided.

Since I no longer use formulas, I don’t have the experience to help with your specific issue. Hopefully, other Excel users (and there are other AppSheet users with Excel sheets that have formulas) will be able to chime in!

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Unfortunately, I’m not building a new app, my app has been running for about a year now.

I’ve tried to replace my spreadsheet formulas in the past and could not get the desired outcome.

I’ll definitely continue to investigate ways to not use them though.

@John_Baer I appreciate your constructive input.

Could you post an example of one of the formulas here? Maybe even what it looks like after it gets changed?

I may have discovered the reasoning.

For reference, one formula is as simple as =S2-AA2.

The formula is staying intact and the column references are being offset.

I discovered that the column references were being offset by the same number of columns missing from my slice of the same data.

Changed my slice to include all columns and it seems to have fixed the issue.

Though, I haven’t totally proved this out yet.

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