Appsheet REST API not working

I am trying to invoke the appsheet api follwing this example to create a copy of newly added records from one table(Ticketreplies) to another(ticketreplies_copy).

However whenever I trigger the workflow it does not do anything and neither does anything show up in the audit logs. I am trying to figure out why nothing happens when the workflow is triggered? Also the new rows being added to the Ticketreplies table are being added through zapier directly to the database which I am trying to create a copy of in Ticketreplies_copy table in appsheet that way I can send out push notifications whenever something is added to the Ticketreplies_copy table. Below is how I am setting up my workflow.

Workflows don’t trigger on external data changes.

By the way, this article that you’ve linked I would say is deprecated by the new(er) action type “Data: add a new row…”. You should really use that instead, much easier than calling the API.

Supposedly, workflows are triggered by API activity.

Indeed they are. I meant external as in not-Appsheet. It appears this guy is trying to trigger a webhook workflow via a new record from Zapier. Just so happens that his webhook is to Appsheet API. It’s possible I read it wrong. Very confusing!

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One solution is to, instead of having Zapier add the data to your data source, intercept it with another endpoint and write to both tables.