Appsheet saving very very slow, as of about an hour ago?

Anyone else notice AppSheet starting slowwwwingggg dowwwnnnn about an hour ago? :slight_smile: Was instant to save changes, now takes 10secs-30secs?


Hi, are you still seeing this behavior or have you solved your issue with the app?

It seemed to stop after 3 hours or so yesterday :)))

So… everything is fine now?

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It was back to syncing instantly last time I checked, last night. I’ll update this again today when I check. Yesterday morning was the first time I’d experienced very long syncs. Is that normal? I have read the support articles but it’s difficult to work out what type of things affect the sync time. :frowning:

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It depends what kind of actions you are doing while saving the record. You could try to investigate the delay from the Manage > Monitor > Performance Profile

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